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Collecchio, 1 March 2024 - Fabio Pecchia spoke in a press conference at the Mutti Training Center in Collecchio ahead of the game against Ternana.


We have had an extra day to prepare for this game compared to the last one, this is very valuable. Sohm is back, Bernabé is still out. The rest of the squad, apart from a couple of knocks, is doing well. Being able to choose to make changes in the midfield is different, both in the starting formation and during the game. But now they're doing well, everyone is in good condition. We could start with speed down the wings and a fixed forward down the middle. The important thing is that Estevez and Sohm are back because it allows me, as well as the squad, to be balanced in a different way. Estévez? He could play. After Como and the suspension, we've got someone back in the midfield with Sohm. I have some extra midfielders this time. Our mood isn't grey like the weather outside, there is always sunshine for us'.


Two consecutive draws? The other day, after the game, I said I was happy. I feel the same now because what I have to appreciate is the attitude of the lads. The attitude, the desire, the way of sticking together and getting things done. Then we are aware that we're working to do things differently, the desire to win, we need to improve in front of goal and when we are out of possession in certain passages of play, we need to be better in deadball situations in one way or another, if we want to win as many games as possible.

There is ambition and a sense of unfulfilled strength because there have been moments in both games where we could finish off the opposition and this slipped away from us. I want to emphasise that when I say I am happy, we are still working on doing things differently. But we have shown that we can play quickly, create opportunities, get in front of goal and often the opposition doesn't cause us any trouble. However, on those evenings when we don't manage to fulfil our best potential, I analyse everything in detail and say I'm happy about the lads' behaviour. Because in the moment a squad has caused us more headaches than usual, we were there with great humility and the desire to stick together. I liked the approach to the second half because we got to work, and except for Calò's free-kick, we gave nothing away. The best chance we had was with 10 men and 10 minutes from the end. There is the desire to improve, to pay more attention to everything and the stationary situations'.



Ternana? Ternana come from a deserved win against Palermo who were on an extraordinary run. Every game needs to be played in a certain way and we will face a side that is not only in form but has many strong and quality players. They are doing well and are enthusiastic, they have the desire to face us but so do we, we have to desire to go head to head with a side that wants to play. And we want to play. Our spirit should always be the same, we want to keep winning as many games as possible. This is what the group lives and breathes, with the usual lightness. If we don't manage, we want to improve ourselves to do things and do them well. Ternana doesn't seem like a side that gives up, they have changed a lot since we played earlier this season. Here you see Breda's work that has maybe had more space in recent weeks. They want to play and be offensive, they pressed Palermo really high.

We create a lot more and in recent games we have walked away with less, this is only in recent games. Group psychology? No, we need to stick to our path, because there is the desire to play to win. Whatever happens should be experienced with balance and the squad is very aware, but also I want them to continue with as much levity as possible'.


Bogged down pitch? I want to thank the groundskeepers, because we played Cosenza at the Tardini after 4 days of endless rain, and we were on solid ground. It seemed as if it would be bogged down, but instead, we were able to play quickly, suited to our characteristics. When the pitch becomes unplayable, different things have to be taken into account. I have always experienced a good pitch in Terni and I don't see that changing'.

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