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Corporate Social Responsability

Our social responsibility projects

Every year, the Club, which has always counted inclusivity as one of its core values, engages in constant efforts in terms of CSR, with a particular focus on the following topics: Charity, Community Activities, Disability, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, and Environment.

In particular, Parma Calcio’s core aim is the raise awareness on topics linked to disability and to share the fundamental values of inclusion, diversity and sustainability in the hope of creating a better future.


Charitable activities and donations to local foundations and associations have never been lacking on the part of the Crociati Club, which on several occasions has chosen to donate part of the revenue generated by merchandising sales to various associations.

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Community Activities

Parma Calcio is committed on a daily basis to promoting sports and nutrition education for primary school pupils and to organising awareness-raising events on social issues, such as cyber-bullying and racism.

community activities

Disability & Parma Special

Following the principles of the local mental health association 'Va Pensiero', the team participates in the regional FIGC championships organised by the Paralympic and Experimental Football Division and is involved in various off-field activities concerning the topics of inclusivity and disability.


The Club acts on this front through the implementation of programmes aimed at combating racism and promoting the integration of gender, race and religion within the Club's organisation.



Parma Calcio is taking steps towards a more sustainable world: every year, its goals include energy efficiency, reducing the use of plastic and disposable materials, and progressively reducing waste.


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