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Tardini Card

Get now your Card

The ‘Tardini Card’ is the Fidelity Card of Parma Calcio 1913.

It can be purchased online on the Ticketone circuit.

The ‘Tardini Card’ is a card onto which the season ticket for the league matches of the Crociati at the Stadio Ennio Tardini can be loaded.

From the 2022/2023 season, the ‘Tardini Card’ is not mandatory for season tickets for Parma Calcio’s league matches at the Tardini stadium.

Parma Calcio 1913 would like to specify and remind fans that the ‘Tardini Card’ may be required as compulsory for the purchase of season tickets for away matches of the Crociati that are subject to determinations, limitations and/or restrictions imposed by the Public Safety authorities and the Observatory on Sporting Events of the Ministry of the Interior.

The ‘Tardini Card’ is valid for five years.

The cost of the ‘Tardini Card’ is 8 Euro if you choose to collect it at the Ennio Tardini stadium. In this case, when purchasing it, the ‘pick-up at the venue’ option must be chosen.

For the purchase of the ‘Tardini Card’, it is also possible to use the refund voucher from the 2019/2020 season.

To purchase the ‘Tardini Card’ you must provide your personal details and your tax code (no photo required).

Immediately after purchasing the ‘Tardini Card’, you will be issued with a provisional-replacement document for its use with identical functions, pending actual delivery.

The ‘Tardini Card’, once activated, will also have a virtual personal account so that it can be used, via barcode, with a mobile device.

How to pick your Card

Holders of the Tardini Card who chose the ‘pick-up at the match’ option when they signed up for it, can collect it on the day of the Crociati’s home games at the ‘Accrediti’ ticket office of the Ennio Tardini stadium.

The counters are open from three hours before the match until kick-off.

In order to collect the Tardini Card, it is necessary to show either its provisional, replacement paper document, issued when it was signed, or a valid identity document of the ticket holder.

How to transfer the Card

A season ticket loaded onto a Fidelity Card can only be transferred to a person who holds a Fidelity Card.

The operation can be carried out online on the Ticketone service page (click here) under ‘cambio supporto’ (change of holder)

The title must be transferred from one Fidelity Card to another Fidelity Card by selecting the relevant game.

The temporary season ticket user, in order to gain access to the stadium, must be in possession of his or her own Fidelity Card, on which the relevant match has been entered, and also in possession of the place card belonging to the season ticket lent to him or her.

It is possible to retrieve the place card on the same Ticketone page under ‘stampa segnaposto’ (print place card) (click here).


Hot to change the name on the Season Ticket

The holder of a paper season ticket can hand out his or her season ticket by selecting the match concerned, under the heading ‘cambio utilizzatore’ (change user), on the Ticketone circuit service page (click here)

Upon completion of the ‘cambio utilizzatore’ (change user) operation, a document will be issued with the details of the person to whom the season ticket has been temporarily transferred, which is valid as a place card.

This document must be presented at the stadium entrance together with the delegated paper season ticket.

The image shows the codes that are required to perform the ‘change of user’ operation.

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