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Parma, 23 October 2023 - Coach Fabio Pecchia spoke in an interview on the show ‘Bar Sport’ on the 12 TV Parma channel following the 31st edition of the Premio Dante Boni' at the Ennio Tardini Stadium in Parma.

“The game against Como wasn’t a classic Serie B game, they have players from Serie A. It was a big test for us, a beautiful game, we risked a lot in the last 7 minutes. For this reason, it was an even more important win. There is a lot to work on, as time goes by and if we want to stay in this position, there will always be more to do. Everyone wants to beat us, even last year because history speaks for itself. Moreover, the current rankings push our opponents to study us and we need to keep improving our presentations. Palermo vs. Spezia? We need to focus on our own journey, there are still 74 points to be won, and it is a huge deal. The results of other teams show us that it will be difficult to win, difficult to maintain a positive run”.


“Democracy in the squad? It’s true, there’s a certain democracy, where strong group identity is important. Democracy must be part of the behaviour on and off the football pitch. The collective is at the centre, when everything works well, individuals can put their own qualities out there for the good of the group. I said it even as a youngster, I like that the group celebrates the individual rather than the other way around. Even when I had the chance to work at big clubs, I maintained this. Working with the young players is amazing, I’ve had the luck to have many talents available to me in recent years. I see some youngsters that play well for a month and then have a horrible performance, this is part of their ups and downs, it is the evolutionary path. When they find consistency and stability, they become better players. This is my job, the job of the technical staff who are very important at our Club, including the structure and the directors. The task is to see each ‘up’ for the players, when I manage to identify these and encourage them, the squad gets even better. Ascoli? I think it will be a very testy match, considering the atmosphere and our good run of results”. 

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