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Collecchio, 27 October 2023 - Crociato coach, Fabio Pecchia’s comments during the pre-match press conference at the Mutti Training Center in Collecchio ahead of Parma’s match against Ascoli. 


“The choices made are with tomorrow’s match in mind, the important match is tomorrow’s. It’s important for many reasons, including because it is a tough match in a very hostile atmosphere. Ascoli. This is a team with many well-rounded players in the middle of the park, a coach with ideas who did great work at Cosenza last year and is doing the same here. They have earned important results in the last 5 matches and have shown great organisation of play. What they do up front depends on the type of opposition. We are aware of their style of play, but we want to play our way with more strength and vigour. It will be an atmosphere that pushes the team, we have to be ready to stand up to a very demanding match. You can score goals in many ways, but nerves, energy and mentality will certainly have a big impact on who will be able to find the net. In terms of mental energy, we have to be at the right level straight away because, from a sporting perspective, it’s a match loaded with tension. They are preparing that and if we want to maintain our position in the table, we have to play to win.” 


“The state of the team? Hernani won’t be with us, he has a fever so will not come. Balogh had an issue with his ankle at the end of training today, Amoran and Cyprien will come with us. Willy is working with us, he is with the group, he is one player of 24 who will go tomorrow and has to continue working because he is slightly behind the rest of the group but he has integrated well. And we need 24 leaders tomorrow who can cope with this game.”


Charpentier? Good signs for the whole group. It’s not been easy for Gabri these last few months and the goal was the best medicine, especially for an attacker. He has to continue working to improve the standard and his performance, he was away from the pitch for 15 months, and he trained but not that actively. For this he has to work even harder, we have an extra player available, also mentally. More confidence, more enthusiasm, more participation, even more involved in the group and the team. This goal doesn't change anything in the evaluations, we have a player in the squad with enthusiasm and confidence, and the inclusion for this is facilitated. Mihaila? I'm very happy, since his return he has found continuity in his work and his condition has improved. And now, from a physical point of view, he's much better prepared, even compared to last year. Now he has to continue down the right path, to make a contribution to be more involved in the group since he is working well.” 


“Be ahead and win matches. Being at the top or not does not change the momentum of the championship, there is too much confusion in the standings. In this instant, we have to continue building, brick after brick. To increase the level and continue leading the standings, we have to continue building every day and in all our matches. Because there is always someone who wants to beat Parma, the team have to keep the mentality light-hearted in order to win matches.” 

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