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Collecchio, 19 August 2023 – Crociati Head Coach Fabio Pecchia spoke to the media to preview the match with Feralpisalò in the press room at the Mutti Training Center in Collecchio.


“As everyone does, the squad need start back up again in the league and learn new dynamics. Our way of being must be the same. As a song once said, we’ll only find out what happens on the pitch by living it. Nothing has changed since Bari for Čolak; we must be prudent. He is well, working with the squad, but I don’t think it’s a risk worth taking at this point. The faith shown by 7,000 season-ticket holders? We wish everyone back to fill the Tardini, as we saw in that final game last season; it was something extraordinary and fantastic. Only we can do that by getting results and playing a brand of football that excites people. A step forward has been made, because seven thousand is a significant number, so we don’t won’t to be letting people down. We want to play our cards. Our home must be stronger and even more exciting for everyone; we can’t wait to get back to it“.


“Regardless of the game against Torino, the sides that win Serie C and come up bring with them a surge of enthusiasm and positive results, which helps them face Serie B with an almost cocky attitude. I see, as they showed against Torino, a side that has clear ideas and who will come here to play football, keep the ball, and try and get ahead, like they did against Toro. We accept that and it will help us to run even harder and try to do even better. But they will have their say on the league. They have players like La Mantia, Martella, Ceppitelli, also Sau, who give them a certain dose of experience and who will make an impact on the league table. They won’t be defeatist; they have a clear identity.


“X and Y? It is a motivation for everyone, as long as things continue to keep getting better, because Serie B has had intrigue, but this situation does risk potentially losing some interest it has worked hard to earn over the years. I hope this situation isn’t repeated in the future. Parma favourites? Everyone is talking about us, for the press it is normal. Instead, when it’s your own colleagues doing it, in some moments, it is right to maintain a certain class. We only need to think about hard work, playing to win and getting as many victories as possible. Speaking about what goes on in other people’s houses for me is a question of style.


“Where were we? With Bonny as a lone striker? Benedyczak is also able to cover that role, but where we left off needs to be taken from within, because it is that that sparks that fire in the belly. That mix of rage, sadness and disappointment that the squad of players, and the whole city, feels. It’s good to keep it inside; we need to get back and pick up from where we left off. We are more aware and knowledgeable now, it’s the continuation of our work; some have grown, but I still want more serenity from the lads, that sense of appraoching the games with drive, hunger, aggression and rhythm, but with the innocence of young players. This is what we need to aim for because it will allow us to take on games. I want a care-free and calm set of players.


“150 games in charge in Serie B? I had hoped I wouldn’t be doing the 150th…“.

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