For Parma vs. Spezia, on Saturday 13 April, the Parma association AVOPRORIT will be in attendance to promote its campaign on the prevention of cancer tumours. Three information points will be set up, located at the entrances to the Petitot Tribuna, to raise awareness among fans on the topic. During the match, anti-cancer prevention messages will be launched through the speaker and on the giant screen.

AVOPRORIT would like to highlight that this spring is the season for cancer prevention and invites early diagnosis by going to the association’s free clinics in Parma and the province, where specialist doctors carry out targeted visits. Specific information material will be distributed at the info stations at Tardini. For over 40 years, AVOPRORIT has been consistently and professionally committed to promoting early diagnosis, prevention and research.

The association's mission is to guarantee the health and well-being of the community, having as its main activity the early identification of any warning signs, allowing timely and life-saving interventions.

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