Massimo Barbuti


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Massimo Barbuti

He arrived to Parma in 1982, swiftly earning the affection of the Curva Nord, thanks to his goal scoring ability and irrepressible spirit of celebration. It was in that season, during the home match against Carrarese to be precise, that this spirit showed its true colours: celebrating a goal scored, he hung from the wire mesh which separates the spectating fans from the pitch. Not able to support the weight of the celebrating fans, the mesh broke, earning him the nickname the “bomber della ramata”.

His second Crociati season is one to be remembered: he scored 17 goals, promoting the team to Serie B.

In the Parma squad, he has made the most appearances of his career, and he has worn the Crociati kit in more than 100 fixtures.

An attacker of indisputable technical talent, he never scored in the same way, the most memorable being the free kicks in the Derbys against Bologna and Reggiana, which baptised him as the unquestionable idol of Crociati fans.

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