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Winning together on the field and winning together the most important match off the field, the one against racism. Parma Calcio condemns all forms of racism, prejudice, and discrimination and aims to unite its entire audience under one great flag, the Gialloblu.

To emphasize this theme, on the occasion of the 'International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination' on March 21st, the Club launches the 'Win this Match' campaign, which consists of creating a video and other collateral activities online and offline, in order to convey the message across different target audiences, with the fans remaining the main protagonists.

VIDEO 'WIN THIS MATCH'                                                                                                                                   

The purpose of the video is to break the chains of prejudice through the innocence of the youngest, who do not see color differences and who represent a real opportunity for change in the society we live in.


Another central activity in the communication of this initiative involves two exclusive interviews with Kelly Gago and Ange-Yoan Bonny that will be released in the coming days. The two will share their experiences and how they believe we can win the match against racism.


A special template has been created and will be shared on the Club's social channels, containing 23 keywords against racism. Parma Calcio fans, by interacting with the content, will need to 'field' the 5 they consider most important, thus creating their ideal lineup to take the field against discrimination.


With these initiatives, Parma Calcio demonstrates that football can once again be a powerful vehicle for promoting equality and diversity, forcefully rejecting all forms of discrimination.

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