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Parma, 11 October 2023 - Managing Director Roel Vaeyens spoke to Sky Sports following the conferment ceremony of the honourary degree of Carlo Ancelotti in the Paganini auditorium in Parma.


First of all, how would you describe your first months in Parma?

“The first months have been positive. I started at the end of last season, I saw how the Club was organised and then prepared the transfer window for this season. I think we have started off this season well, especially in terms of the results. I am happy with the squad that we have and the coaching staff, and so I’m positive for the future”.


What are your goals for the future and the coming months?

“Serie B is a tough competition, there are a lot of tough competitors. It is important to be prepared for every game. The goals for the coming weeks is to improve every week and win as many games as possible, stay at the top of the table for as long as possible so that in the end we achieve our goal for this season, the promotion to Serie A. Of course, there are other teams that have the same objective, so it will not be easy”.


One of the best bits of your work is probably the young players that are doing very well. For example, Benedyczak is second only to Bellingham in the top young goalscorers in Europe. Does this satisfy you?

“Yes, it is the reward for the hard work of everyone in the Club over the last few years. The scouts did a fantastic job, not only with Benek but also with Bonny, Circati, Camara and many others who they brought to Parma at a very young age. Regarding Benedyczak, he is really doing well and I hope he can keep up this level. As well as him, there are many young players who will play more and more”. 


Final question: what about Carlo Ancelotti? As a coach, he is an example for everyone. Is it special to talk with a coach that has won everything?

“Yes, Carlo Ancelotti has won everything in club football, as a player and as a coach. I think we can only have the deepest respect for him, not only did he win titles in the top 5 European leagues, he also won the Champions League. It is impossible to put his winning career into a few words. It is an honour for all of us to be here and I am sure we will also learn something from him today”.

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