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Brescia, 8 October 2023 – Matchday 3 of the Women's Serie B season, Sunday 8 October 2023, Brescia vs. Parma ended 2-1 to the hosts at the 'Mario Rigamonti' Sports Centre.

The Crociate tried to make their mark on the match right away, taking control of the game and forcing their opponents back. However, they didn’t manage to get anything past Giorgia Bettineschi despite two good chances from Antoinette Jewel Williams and Veronica Benedetti. The hosts went ahead with their first chance: a lapse in the Gialloblu defence saw Serena Magri free to shoot from inside the box, making it 1-0.


Parma had two chances between the 25th and 26th minutes, Odette Kelly Gago had a go first, then Sofia Kongouli had a shot saved by Giorgia Bettineschi. In the 34th minute, a free-kick from Caterina Fracros on the left dropped well for Odette Kelly Gago, who can’t quite get a shot away.

The first half ended without much more action, except for a save from Gloria Ciccioli right before Mattia Rodighiero blew the whistle. Brescia led 1-0 at the break.

The second half started up with two changes, one for either side: Brescia’s Irina Alexandra Tunoaia makes way for Sofia Pasquali, whilst Parma’s Ludovica Silvioni comes on to replace Anastasia Spyridonidou.

Two minutes in, Gago has a cross-shot blocked by Bettineschi. In the 51st minute, Caterina Ferin couldn’t find an equaliser with her shot but did manage to win a corner. Vivien Beil delivered it into the area for Antoinette Jewel Williams whose header goes wide.

In the 55th minute, Gago does well to get into the area but is easily closed down by Bettineschi. At the other end, Teresa Fracas and Veronique Brayda both tested Gloria Ciccioli who neutralised both dangerous shots.


Parma equalised in the 57th minute with a header from Veronica Benedetti, played on by Ludovica Silvioni. The Crociate looked dangerous again two minutes later with Caterina Ferin who hit the crossbar from a free kick. The Leonesse make another change in the 61st minute with Danila Zazzera coming on for Teresa Fracas. 5 minutes later Laura Ghisi made way for Alessia Accornero.

Odette Kelly Gago made a promising pass in the 76th minute but Ludovica Silvioni’s shot flew high over the bar. The Gialloblu made another change two minutes later with Caterina Fracaros leaving the pitch for Melissa Nozzi.

In the 82nd minute, Veronique Brayda shot from a distance beating Gloria Ciccioli to put the hosts back in front, 2-1. Colantuono took Antoinette Jewel William off for Giorgia Miotto in the 84th minute. Captain Caterina Ambrosi had a header two minutes later, out wide. 

In the first of the four minutes of injury time, Bettineschi stopped a great shop from Caterina Ferin. Right before the whistle blew, Sofia Pasquali tried to beat Gloria Ciccioli at the post but the shot was going wide anyway. Brescia beat Parma 2-1: the Giallobu sit on six points.


BRESCIA 2-1 PARMA (Matchday 3 of Women's Serie B)

Goalscorers: 13′ Magri, 57' Benedetti, 82' Brayda 

BRESCIA – 1. Giorgia Bettineschi; 3. Paola Boglioni, 4. Laura Ghisi (66' 21. Alessia Accornero), 5. Irina Alexandra Tunoaia (46' st 22. Sofia Pasquali), 6. Rossella Larenza, 7. Veronique Brayda (Cap.), 8. Serena Magri (V. Cap.), 14. Ludovica Nicolini, 16. Marta Morreale, 20. Jenny Josefina Hjohlman, 71. Teresa Fracas (61' 10. Danila Zazzera). Coach: Aldo Nicolini. Available: 38. Alessia Passarella; 33. Maria Bortolin, 47. Francesca Squaratti, 48. Veronica Pedrini, 64. Clara Raccagni, 77. Giulia Lumina

PARMA – 12. Gloria Ciccioli; 5. Laura Peruzzo, 7. Antoinette Jewel Williams (84' 44. Giorgia Miotto), 9. Odette Kelly Gago, 11. Anastasia Spyridonidou (46' 18. Ludovica Silvioni), 22. Vivien Beil (V. Cap.), 24. Caterina Fracaros (78' 14. Melissa Nozzi), 25. Caterina Ambrosi (Cap.), 31. Caterina Ferin, 33. Sofia Kongouli, 46. Veronica Benedetti. Coach: Salvatore Colantuono. Available: 55. Eveljn Frigotto; 4. Margherita Brscic, 16. Federica Rizza, 17. Laura Perin, 23. Aurora Pantano, 45. Alessia Marchetti

Referee: Mattia Rodighiero.

Assistents: Ares Beggiato and Enrico Rossetto di Schio

Injury time: 1'+4'

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