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Collecchio, 26th January 2024 - Statements from Manager Fabio Pecchia during the press conference before the match against Modena, given in the press room at the Mutti Training Center in Collecchio.



'Apart from Delprato, who has a minor issue, Charpentier sustained a last-minute setback. He won't be part of the group. The others are in full swing. Enrico has been versatile, playing as a central and full-back, but Coulibaly is in good condition and ready to be part of the game. Parma must know how to manage the match, execute both phases, attack, and create opportunities to score. The goal should be a collective effort, not just the objective of attackers or offensive players but everyone on the field.

We need to focus on the present, which is a significant advantage. Thinking about the game, not the changing conditions. Maintaining this attitude, the joy of playing football to win matches helps our environment and my team. I keep insisting on asking my players for that lightness and enthusiasm to play a football match. It doesn't matter how we get there, for us or our opponents. The match is on Saturday.'


'The first-leg match is still fresh in my mind. For me, the indicative match is the first leg, not the recent ones. Even though Modena had a great game in Palermo. It's true for the current moment, but the match against us provided me with many insights. We are working based on that. There won't be major changes from the first leg; there have been a few changes, but Modena hasn't changed in attitude and how they play. A team that can develop quickly in the central area due to the quality of players and being very vertical. It gave me a lot of insights, and compared to that match, we need to do something better. It's a match, and the next one is against Modena. I don't see beyond that. We play matches to win; our attitude doesn't change, regardless of the field we play on. We need to focus on our attitude. The opponents will raise the bar, and we must keep raising it. Speaking of the first leg because we need to do better; if you create 20 chances, you need to score more goals. Since we create them, we must capitalize on them.'



'Osorio's renewal is part of the Club's plan; I am happy and happy for the lad. 'Oso' was out for several games, in good condition, contributed in Genoa, and is still in. But beyond Osorio, Balogh, and Circati, I always want to see a team that goes beyond individuals. The transfer market? I only ask that the group maintains this appearance, this identity; there's nothing else. We talked about it a long time ago. There are no needs; our real market is work and continuity, in addition to the Club's plan. This is more valuable than any other situation or acquisition.'




'The atmosphere is fantastic. I am happy for this sense of belonging, for this sense of unity with the people. We want to feel united with the people; the fans want to feel close to the team, and all we have to do is respond on the field.'

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