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Collecchio, 30 March 2024 - Fabio Pecchia spoke in a press conference at the Mutti Training Center in Collecchio ahead of the game againt Catanzaro.


Long break, but it's the same for every side. Waiting, there is a desire to get going again and those who have been on international duty have had the chance to play and show themselves in difficult games. They are back in good condition and ready to go. We will keep an eye on the next game, on wanting to play to win, as a side that wants to try and win four in a row. I would move that goal as our strengths need to be focused on Catanzaro. I can only compliment the club and Vivarini for their work, the squad has ideas and identity, they do a consistent job and this is why our performance has to be done well. We will face an unsurprising side that has shown their worth all season.

I see the work of a team and I feel like I should compliment Vivarini, I am focused on us, we need to do better and do things with the right humility, trying to always improve ourselves. The idea and philosophy at Catanzaro is the same with respect to the first half of the season. Nothing has changed, the squad has improved over time and been more consistent. There have been changes to the players, not the style. 5-0? It's a different game, another time. It will be a good game, two squads who want to play football.


I am at a Club where there is a lot of care, where there is a fight against all forms of discrimination. This is a good thing for me. From a personal point of view, I am against all forms of racism and I support the approach of our Club. What happens is always discussed. Punishment? You can more or less agree, but the sentence comes from a judge and that should be respected.


Our journey didn't begin last April, but 18 months ago. It is a work of consistency, born of the ups and downs in the first half of the season. Going through this helped everyone to be more self aware and mature. Our aim is to get back to doing things on the pitch. We have to prepare for the match against Catanzaro and work well in our set-up, pass faster, attack up front and score. We are focused on the day-to-day, for many reasons. The biggest being that there is a game coming. Against an opposition that requires a high level performance. Then we will look in only one direction. Fans? I keep believing in this duo, with the city. The team is enthusiastic and seeing the enthusiasm from our fans is always an extra strength, it is important. Long may this feeling of unity continue and I hope to see what we have seen in the recent matches at the Tardini also on Easter Monday'.



Valenti? As for many players who haven't played for a while he just needs some minutes. Lautaro put in a good performance, but obviously he needs to play more too. He has come out well with our constant improvement, he's ready but will be assessed for each game. Osorio? The journey takes it's toll, this was the longest break, especially for him, hours available to get ready. Different from previous occasions. He has more energy and more time to recover with respect to the past. Čolak? These friendlies help the lads, not me. It's not easy to play a friendly in the middle of a season, the squads always have issues due to players off on international duty. He gave me a lot of signs, though, and to the other lads. I mention Colak out of everyone, but also Charpentier and Partipilo. Or Valenti and Ansaldi, who are back. The game showed us a lot of good things and gave them the chance to get back into the feeling of a game. We keep saying that we need everyone because each one of them can be decisive, not for quantity but for quality. Maybe it could make the difference at a point in a game that leads to a win. Everyone is in, it's the final part of the campaign and we need energy from everyone. Ramadan? Coulibaly had a fever for a couple of days, both he and Camara are back in the group with the same energy and strength'.

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