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Parma, 23 December 2023 - Coach, Fabio Pecchi’as comments following Parma’s win over Ternana on Matchday 18 of the Serie BKT championship. 

“Winter Champions? The title doesn’t give us any advantage so it doesn’t change anything. We won 3 points against a team in great form. After their immediate opener, we did well to retake the game and grab the win. We are always challenging to play and to win, today we created a lot. On the other hand, we conceded against a Ternana that got close to our goal on more than one occasion. The road is mapped out from a tactical point of view, this is evident as an identity and philosophy. We play to enjoy ourselves and to entertain our fans. We’re working in this direction, we deserve our current position in the league because to be there, you need to deserve it game after game. What’s today’s result worth? Another win and one game closer. Our focus has already turned to Brescia because the matches come so quickly and we need to turn our focus immediately. Cyprien’s revitalisation? I like having everyone in the squad, that’s something I hear myself repeat often. We need everyone, he’s an extraordinary boy and a player with quality. Since he’s joined the group, he’s joined straight into the dressing room dynamics. And then it all becomes a lot easier for a coach when there’s quality, professionalism and a desire to be there doing things as a team. I’m happy for him but especially for the team because his goal set the team free, paving the way for the third goal along with other chances. If things are going well, I always give credit to the boys. When there’s fertile ground, it all becomes easier for a coach to work and cultivate things. For me, the credit always goes to the boys, like when they manage to get results. The festivities? Best wishes to everyone but we’ll be training tomorrow and on Christmas day, it’s such a compressed period. We hope to continue. 

Today was another beautiful victory, we created a lot as a team but we conceded a fair amount of space to Ternana. And I don’t like this, credit to the opponent but when you create that much, you have to kill off the match because anything can happen. But anyway, well done to the boys. Man and Bernabé? We have to simply enjoy them, but not just them. Because Benedyczak put in an extraordinary performance. Also on the defensive line. When the team plays like this, the dirty work today was also done by Benedyczak. He will get less recognition but the victory comes from the team’s hard work which allows for individual quality. 

The quality of Dennis, Adrian, Charpentier and the subs. A beautiful victory, one match closer but now we’re thinking about Brescia. Because we have a game in 2 days and then all evaluations can be made in the week to come. 

Brescia? Čolak and Camara are doing well, tomorrow we’ll do a medical to check everyone’s fitness, perhaps a few too many knocks. I have a lot of players who are fit enough to play the game, we can’t think about today’s anymore. Čolak and Camara could feature, it will be a different kind of battle in Brescia. To face them, we need as many players as possible, without taking any risks, but with strength, energy and at one hundred percent. Begić? I can only have 23 players in the squad, with ‘Bega’ I have too many. Because he has quality, he’s our asset and we need to work on him. He’s joined a very competitive squad, our wingers are Man and Benedyczak. On the bench, we had Mihaila who is in extraordinary form, then there’s Partipilo and Camara

If I could make 6 changes or take more players on the bench, you’d also see him on the pitch. There is absolutely no case, I am happy, I work with the boy every day. And I know it’s not easy, I keep saying to the boy that I have faith in him but not seeing the light, that’s the most complicated thing for a coach and staff. But it’s up to himself and the group to keep him going. 

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