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Parma, February 22, 2024 - The Young Industrialists Group of Parma, the Children and Autism Foundation of Fidenza, and Parma Calcio: all together in support of the needs of autistic children. The Ennio Tardini Stadium, from Saturday, 24 February, will be the ideal location to host the 'Autism 0-6 Years' training course for teachers, nursery educators, and kindergarten schools, organized by the Children and Autism Foundation Onlus of Fidenza and funded by the Young Industrialists Group of the Parmesan Industrial Union.


The course, scheduled to take place in the Tardini press room, consists of four sessions, scheduled on Saturday mornings when our team will be playing away: Saturday, 24 February, Saturday, 2 March, Saturday, 6 April, and Saturday, 20 April. The course was organized thanks to the professional expertise of the Children and Autism Foundation of Fidenza and immediately sold out with the registration of 60 teachers. In addition to them, there are 10 educators from Giocampus, the educational alliance of which Parma Calcio is a supporting partner along with the most important companies in the area.


Dania Accorsi, president of 'Always with Blue,' the association born last year after the Autism Awareness Day experienced at the Tardini Stadium, states: 'This course is another step towards a better understanding of autism. The aim is to provide practical guidance to early childhood educators in terms of early diagnosis and better support in case of confirmed diagnosis. Thanks to the funding from the friends of the Young Industrialists Group of Parma, the professionals of the Children and Autism Foundation of Fidenza, and the availability of Parma Calcio.'


The course is fully funded by the Young Industrialists Group of Parma, of which Leonardo Figna is president: 'Companies,' he comments, 'cannot shy away from an active social role, especially for initiatives aimed at the well-being of the younger generations carried out with seriousness and tenacity.'


The initiative is part of a broader and more articulated program for Parma Calcio, which includes dedicated activities and in which the Club will be at the forefront, starting - as already happened a year ago for Parma-Palermo - from the 1st of April next year on the occasion of the match between the Gialloblu and Catanzaro. 'Hosting this course at the Tardini,' emphasizes Giuseppe Squarcia, Football Social Responsibility of Parma Calcio, 'represents another fundamental step in the path initiated by the Club towards inclusion, in a stadium that increasingly becomes a space available to the community, not only on match days. Parma Calcio's commitment to raising awareness, together with the Always with Blue movement, is continuous, strong, and constant, which has now also become a social promotion sports association for the initiation of autistic children and young people into sports.'

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