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Parma, 4 December 2023 - As part of Parma Calcio's 110-year anniversary celebrations, the book '110 Cuori Crociati', created and promoted by the Matteo Bagnaresi ONLUS Foundation, and supported by Parma Calcio, was presented this evening.

The event was held at 'Casa Matteo', the headquarters of the Matteo Bagnaresi ONLUS Foundation, with a large turnout by fans and lovers of football and sport. The evening was opened up by Bruno Bagnaresi, followed by talks by Parma Calcio's Corporate Managing Director, Luca Martines, the Football Social Responsibility Officer, Giuseppe Squarcia, the author Michele Belmessieri and teacher, Carlo Alberto Rastelli, representating the “Toschi” art high school and Principal, Elisabetta Botti. This initiative is charitable with all proceeds from the book sales going to the Matteo Bagnaresi ONLUS Foundation. The cost is €10 (as a minimum offer) and it can be purchased at the stadio Ennio Tardini, in the Curva Nord, Tribuna Petitot and Tribuna Est sectors, during the home fixtures with Palermo (10 December) and Ternana ( 23 December), and at the Matteo Bagnaresi ONLUS Foundation headquaters in via Saragat 33/A in Parma.


“We have collaborated with the Matteo Bagnaresi ONLUS Foundation for a long time now,' underlined Corporate Managing Director Luca Martines. 'Our commitment is to support and be at their side. We work for our territory, to create an even stronger bond with fans and those who love sport. The book presentation is a fundamental step towards our 110-year anniversary; it contains the history of our Club and the people who have made it famous across the world. It represents the essence of our way of remembering the past, but this is also the motivation for moving towards the future.'

The book retraces 110 years of our beloved and glorious Club, through the portayal of our great Crociati in the Gialloblù's history. There are those who have written records and triumphs, those who have remained in the hearts of fans for the feelings and emotions created; players who have made life choices, like Renzo Cavallina. These are stories and feelings that are intertwined in a single thread: the love for Parma Calcio.


“It is a collective and shared work that involved everyone: made by many hands, dozens of hands for a charitable purpose. It is to all intents and purposes a piece of community work in the spirit that lives within our club and its fans. It is an global piece of work, like Parma Calcio, connected to the territory but with an international story that looks to the world. In fact, among those who took part in creating it were also our foreign fans and the fans' twinned clubs,' commented Football Social Responsibility Officer, Giuseppe Squarcia.

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