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Catanzaro, 17 September 2023 - Crociato coach, Fabio Pecchia’s comments following Catanzaro-Parma on the fifth matchday of the Serie BKT championship.

“I would like to offer my compliments to the Catanzaro crowd. It’s never happened to me, after a result like that, to hear the crowd applaud the opposing team. It’s a sign of great sporting respect, which is why I believe that such a gesture should be emphasised for its great value. I am happy because it is always nice to win, I am satisfied. But let's not be fooled by the result, in the first half we suffered, Catanzaro wanted to play and we were too soft. Then the game broke down and turned but it wasn’t all positive. We’re bringing home a great result in an amazing atmosphere. I want to say a word for Situm, I am sorry for what happened to him in the final minutes. Catanzaro dribbled well, they did it with quality, we tried to pinch the ball off them on many occasions and did not succeed. But we know that when we drop we lose a bit of focus, the defensive line worked very well, perhaps we suffered a bit on the left. But when the pitch opened up, we were able to exploit it very well. In the beginning I had to make choices, many players are in good condition but have to stay on the bench. The important thing is that they then make their contribution, as Partipilo did. If we want to create a strong, group identity, as we showed last year, we must maintain this spirit and unity. The next 4 matches? We play Samp next, the league is extremely unpredictable and complicated, it swings back and forth so we have to maintain our focus. We have to think about growing and building, we’re thinking towards our match against Samp as we face a strong team.”

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