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Parma, 25 November 2023 - Crociato captain Enrico Delprato’s comments following Parma’s draw with Modena on Matchday 14 of the Serie BKT. 

“Modena’s goal? Falcinelli blatantly said that he touched the ball and that it had to be seen if he was offside from the initial pass or from his touch. We can't explain it as a team, me as captain, because, seeing the ball change direction, the confirmation was there on the field. The referee also heard. It’s something that makes us sick, Modena played a great game, it was more even in the first half because there weren’t any big chances. But a goal scored in this way, it takes a bit out of your legs and changes the momentum of the game. We had a great reaction as a team but as captain, I would like to point out that it is difficult to accept such a mistake, really difficult. These episodes should be checked calmly with VAR, on other pitches, it can take a few minutes to get a clear idea. And we’re paying dearly today with this decision, in such an even match this really changes the balance. Anyway, congratulations to Modena for making us work so hard, they put on an excellent performance. The punch in the face? My vision is still a bit blurry. When we went behind we didn’t try to rush our game. We carried on handling the ball to find the right space, a great reaction. They didn’t have any big chances. We’ll hold onto this reaction, this point gives us morale and still moves us up the table.” 

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