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CRM Specialist

Create new automated CRM processes for all the units of Parma Calcio 1913, analyzing data with a combination of experience, innovation and creativity.

The goal of the CRM Specialist is to find business insights and constantly look for ways to meet customers' needs and desires through data utilization for all Club’s departments.

What you will do:

-- Create and execute customer relationship management campaigns that aim to increase customer loyalty

-- Create and improve automated processes to develop already existing CRM data, organizing them in a cohesive database for data optimization

-- Create a set of universal customer relationship procedures with implementation at every level of the company

-- Analyze customer journey to increase sales based on the received information

-- Analyze and divide the customer database by relevant characteristics and personalize the approach

-- Constantly test all customer interaction procedures to prioritize the most efficient approaches

-- Be up-to-date with new technology tools and opportunities for lead generation and data tracking

-- Collaborate with multiple departments on their customer interactions to collect data to deliver a cohesive service

Who we are looking for:

-- Background university studies in Economics, Statistics or related topics

-- 4/5 years of experience in productive or services and events companies

-- Salesforce knowledge

-- Deep CRM dynamics knowledge

-- Customer centric sensibility

-- Analytical and statistical skills

-- English knowledge


Marketing Specialist

Do you have proven skills to craft and execute marketing campaigns, experience in projects follow up and in working with graphic and video agencies? Are you able to work in a Team, following strategy and directions, collaborating with other Departments to support Brand awareness and common goals?

The Marketing Specialist will join our Brand Team, supporting the Club’s and its collateral Brands’ marketing strategy and campaigns with initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels.

What you’ll do:

-- Execution of marketing communication campaigns

-- Management of collateral activities (shootings, content productions, etc) in coordination with Digital department

-- Event management, liaising with external vendors and the other Club’s departments to execute promotional events and campaigns

-- Production of dedicated Corporate materials for each product/service

-- Collaborate with Brand Department and other professionals to support brand awareness and marketing efforts

What we are looking for:

-- Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Communication

-- 3-5 years’ experience in the sports marketing industry

-- Proven ability to craft and execute marketing campaigns

-- At least 3 years of experience in working with graphic and video agencies

-- At least 3 years of experience in Project Management

-- Ability to prioritize tasks and to work with deadlines

-- Creative and proactive attitude

-- Knowledge of English


Ecommerce Specialist

Not only content product editing on websites, but also staying on track about relevant trends and innovations, as well as analyzing traffic and KPIs to boost the effectiveness of the strategies. Do you want to work for a Club and closely with different teams such as product management, graphics, brand, SEO and sales to provide content shared across e-Commerce platforms? Then this call is for you.

The e-Commerce Specialist is responsible for the management of the Club E-Commerce Website and the related customer management, gathering and analyzing data to identify areas needing improvement and developing solutions.

What you’ll do:

-- Analyzing traffic and the main web site KPIs to grant the effectiveness of the e-commerce strategies

-- Examining sales-related metrics to inform merchandising team

-- Writing and editing product content that will be published on e-Commerce websites/portals

-- Creating promotional offers and checking to see that these are uploaded precisely

-- Set standards and best practices for new product listings, content creation, distribution, and maintenance

-- Reviewing the security of checkout pages and payment procedures

-- Reviewing copy and legal disclaimers to verify their accuracy

-- Supporting inventory and logistics management, including supplier management, inventory management and product shipping

-- Interface with the internal team and external suppliers to coordinate site activities with the commercial plan and digital advertising actions

What we are looking for:

-- Degree in marketing management, business, information systems, or similar

-- Minimum of 2 years experience in e-Commerce business and hands-on experience in managing and maintaining e-Commerce websites/portals

-- Analytical skills

-- Knowledge of the e-Commerce space (marketing strategies, various leading e-Commerce website builders, product development, competitive strategies, consumer research, industry trends and usability best practices)

-- Expertise in platforms and online sales strategies to conduct digital sales or website conversions.

-- Knowledge of Prestashop and Shopify

-- Ability to meet deadlines while maintaining attention to detail


W&Y Sponsorship Officer

Stringere contratti di sponsorship strategica, accompagnando i clienti negli anni nell’evoluzione delle richieste e offrendo servizi ad hoc per le loro esigenze. Oltre alla qualità e al servizio, costruire rapporti di fiducia capaci di prevenire le esigenze in modo proattivo per massimizzare gli obiettivi economici del Club.

Il/La Sponsorship Officer si occuperà di tutto questo e sarà parte attiva del team di Revenue con specifica attenzione al settore Femminile e Giovanile del Club.

Cosa farai:

-- Ricerca di nuovi Sponsor per il settore Femminile e Giovanile del Club;

-- Chiusura di nuovi contratti di Sponsorship con offerta di servizi dedicati;-- Creazione di attivazioni sponsor W&Y atte alla valorizzazione delle partnership;

-- Massimizzazione della rendita dei contratti in ambito W&Y;

-- Mantenimento e sviluppo dei contratti all'interno del quadro di vendita, con cura e sviluppo della relazione con il cliente per assisterlo nel servizio e venire incontro alle richieste anche in giorno partita;

-- Collaborazione con i colleghi dell'Ufficio Revenue per coordinare eventi ed attività. 

Chi cerchiamo:

-- Laurea o formazione scolastica preferibilmente in Economia;

-- Conoscenza del settore sportivo in particolare dell'ambito W&Y;

-- Esperienza di minimo 3 anni nella vendita di contratti di sponsorship in ambito sportivo;

-- Capacità relazionali, interpersonali con il gruppo di lavoro e di gestione/fidelizzazione del cliente;

-- Attitudine alla negoziazione e padronanza delle tecniche di vendita dei servizi;

-- Approccio proattivo di fronte alle criticità;

-- Creatività e capacità di pensiero analitico.


Women's Scout

Hai occhio clinico e comprovata conoscenza del calcio femminile? La figura di Women’s Scout si occuperà dell’individuazione dei talenti con le caratteristiche e potenzialità adatte per crescere nel nostro Club in ottica di prospettiva, effettuando valutazioni in base a parametri tecnici e comportamentali. 

Cosa farai:

-- Osservazione delle partite;

-- Identificazione del potenziale delle giocatrici e individuazione dei talenti;

-- Redazione di report;

-- Composizione delle rose;

-- Redazione di work summary trimestrali;

-- Preparazione di note spese di trasferta;

-- Organizzazione delle trasferte in accordo con Segreteria Sportiva e Reparto Scouting.

Chi cerchiamo

-- Comprovata conoscenza in ambito di calcio femminile;

-- Ottime capacità d'osservazione e di analisi;

-- Buone doti comunicative e relazionali;

-- Capacità di organizzazione e disponibilità a frequenti trasferte;

-- Spirito di squadra.



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